Character Biography

Concept Drawings



P1: Hand

P2: Eye

P3: Displacement

P4: Entire Character


P4: Entire Character

The final project is to present the full character. I have changed the texture maps and shaders a lot.

The Subsurface Scattering Shaders for the limbs need more twigging.

The Shirt Shader Network:


Render of the Shirt:
(The displacement map is making the shirt look faceted,
due to the low number of polygons )


The Scarf Shader Network:


Scarf Render:


The Shoes Shader Network:

Shoes Render:


I integrated Milly into an old project that I did, and I redid the lighting and texturing

for that piece, as well as re-composite the layers. Harry finished a simple rig for me in time,

so I could pose Milly in the Christmas Tree scene.


This is what my Nuke script looks like:

Final Render:

Posing Milly in an environment helped fixing problems

that otherwise would be hidden.

For example, I realized her skin was too pale,

so I changed the weight of the epidermal and subdermal layers in the SSS shader.

When I did the turn table for her,

I also found out her eyes went in when she's in the profile view,

because I forgot to turn on refraction for the sclera shader.

Before & After the fix:


After doing the integration and had critiques in class,

I fixed the "wrong geometry with wrong UVs" issue

(error can be seen on the right arm,

where the pinks appear on the wrong place).

I made some changes to the clothing and the shoes.

I changed the color of the buttons to lavendar so they will stand out more,

and I added some bump map to create some texture for the scarf and skirt.

I also threw in a displacement map for the socks,

so they will have more details as Bridget suggested.

I had a lot of fun on the shoes.

I made the edges along the leather parts darker,

and made the stitchings stand out more.

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