Character Biography

Concept Drawings



P1: Hand

P2: Eye

P3: Displacement

P4: Entire Character


P1: Hand

For the hand, I looked at Russell and Carl's limbs from "Up", which have very little details. I would like to use SubSurface Scattering (SSS) shader.

Here is the UV snapshot for the hand:

Here are the renders of the hand with UV grid:

I will have to remap the hand, and separate the nails from the hand, so I can use another shader for the nails.

Here is the network and attributes of the SSS shader:


After doing the UV snapshots, I go into BodyPaint 3D to "mark" the areas that I want the nail colors, pink areas around the joints, and wrinkles lines to be. Then I use Photoshop to modify (refine and blur) the images.

Epidermal scatter map:

Subdermal scatter map:

Back scatter map:

Specular map:

Displacement map:



The displacement for the lines and wrinkles are not working yet. The SSS shader also needs a lot of work to make it believable.

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