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Character Biography

Name:  Milly
Age:  14
Height:  4’11”
Weight:  95 lb
Ethnicity:  Asian
Favorite Food:  Chinese food (beef noodle, dim sum, and Peking duck), Thai curry, bubble tea, cheesecake, green tea ice cream
Favorite Sports:  basketball, tennis, badminton
Favorite Colors:  blue and purple
Favorite Animals:  dog, cat, rabbit, panda, dolphins, and all kinds of small animals.

Milly is a middle school student with short dark brown hair and eyes. She wears school uniform (shirt and pleated skirt), and also white knee length socks and leather shoes. The schools in her country have very strict dress codes, so she has to keep her hair shorter than the collar and wears only white knee length socks to school.

She’s kindhearted, optimistic, and not very talkative, especially after her mother’s death, she tries to hide the sorrows and grief inside her heart. Her family moves to the United States afterwards. She experiences the Western culture and finds it very interesting and exciting. Sometimes she misses her friends in her country because she and her classmates stay in the same classroom and study together for years, which is very different from how American schools are like. When she misses them, she will put on her old school uniform. Another reason why she treasures her old school uniform is that her mother used to iron the shirt and skirt for her, so she can proudly wear the freshly pressed uniform to school.

They brought Milly’s mother’s ash with them to the U.S., and bury her in a church graveyard that’s on a small hill. When Milly misses her mother, she will visit her mother’s grave. She often sits on the hill and watches the clouds changing in the distant sky, and takes out her journal to pour her thoughts in it. She would write down how she dreams of her mother again and how she envies other kids can run to their mother when they need comforts.

One day, something weird happens. When she visits her mother’s tomb, a telephone booth pops out from underneath the ground. She picks up the ringing phone and finds out it’s her mother on the other side of the phone. Milly is thrilled to discover this magical phone that enables her to talk to her mother in the other world.

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